WorldWide Storefronts of Alternative Art Spaces: Call for Proposals

sept26_storefront_img.jpg Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street
New York, NY, USA  10012  
Call for Proposals
Storefront for Art and Architecture announces a call for proposals for WorldWide Storefront (WWSF), a new initiative to provide a simultaneous, multi-locus of alternative spaces around the globe and a digital platform for the expression and exchange of latent desires within contemporary art and architecture practices.Storefront is seeking proposals from individuals or collectives across the globe with curatorial visions that articulate alternative positions within their particular context. Proposals should contain a two-month installation, series of exhibitions and/or events and identify a specific site where the project will be realized in relationship to the curatorial vision. Strong proposals will explore new spaces of cultural action that defy traditional notions of  “gallery,” “pavilion,” or “cultural institution.” Proposals should also propose new and innovative ways to digitally engage audiences globally.All proposals will be reviewed by an international jury of notables in the fields of art and architecture.  Selected entries will be part of the WorldWide Storefront program and individuals will receive 1,000 USD in seed funding to start their project, as well as strategic outreach support and technical and logistical mentorship. From September 19 to November 21, 2014, all selected entries throughout the world will simultaneously open and have a two-month program of exhibitions and events. All events will be recorded and broadcast through the WorldWide Storefront online platform and presented at the Storefront for Art and Architecture Gallery in New York, which will operate as the central situation room.For additional information and instructions on how to submit, visit All proposals must be received by January 31, 2014.sept26_storefront_logo1.jpg

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