Thought Collection Publishing, Call for Art on the Theme of *Firsts*

Thought Collection Publishing Call for Visual and Literary Artists

Thought Collection is accepting submissions for the inaugural issue of their literary and visual art journal to be published in the 2013 winter quarter. Since this is their first issue, their theme will be centered on the ‘firsts’ in life:  kiss, love, real job, fight, revelation, marriage, etc.  Open to philosophical standpoints as well, such as first life on earth, first black president, or will there be a first woman president? The chicken or the egg? Be creative and take this topic to the next level in your literary and visual art.

Submissions are only accepted via email at Note the current theme in the subject of your email.

The has a bi-weekly artist feature, Check out the to get more information on regular/ongoing calls for submissions for both literary and visual artists  opportunities for future anthologies and columns for their Community Website.

Art of any kind of art will be considered; photographic, computer graphic, scanned images of paintings, pencils, drawings, sculptures, etc. See the Thought Collection Publishing guidelines page for additional details–

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