The Exhibbit 3D Online Gallery—New Features and Differences in Exhibbit Version 4

Exhibbit Long Gallery

Exhibbit Long Gallery


Exhibbit’s 3D gallery solution augments current online display techniques by enabling visitors to experience the atmosphere and nuances of artworks in an exhibition context.

Displaying art in a 3D gallery gives the artwork scale and allows visitors to navigate themselves–actually experiencing an exhibition as they would in a physical bricks and mortar gallery. 

Here is Exhibbit owner and developer Peter Worrall’s mini list of V4’s main features and differences from V3.

New features in V4:

  • Exhibitions are now viewable using the Flash player as well as Unity3d making exhibitions easily accessible.
    • Most browsers have Flash pre-installed so there is no need to download a player to experience exhibbitV4.
  • We now hire galleries (rather than exhibitions) 
    • You can create multiple exhibitions for showing in your gallery. 
  • An opening date is set for each exhibition when it is ready to be published. 
    • These exhibitions will show sequentially by replacing the current active exhibition, based on its opening date.
    • This also means you can be working on curating a number of future shows whilst one is active and showing in the gallery.
  • Sharing to all the major social sites and via email.
    • This is easily actioned using either the Snap & Share feature which takes a picture of your view in the gallery, or via the “share” available from each artworks information panel.
    • Both these methods contain a link to the exhibition
    • Sharing can be done by both the creator of the exhibition and the visitor.
  • Stockroom is a growing store of all the artworks you upload when creating exhibitions.
    • From the stockroom you can add to existing exhibitions or create entirely new ones.
  • Analytics
    • Each exhibition has its own analytics so you can track how many visitors have viewed and when they were there.
Exhibbit Atrium

Exhibbit Atrium

There are number of other features like artwork info text on the wall beside each work, tour order selection, wall coloring and a new frame and matte function and other tools that make the exhibition creation easier.

The Exhibbit url is still the same   but with a completely re-designed website.

If you want to see exhibbitV4 working in a commercial gallery website, click on the link below to visit an exhibition of work by Alexander Calder. 

I hope you will consider using exhibbit’s new version to showcase and market your artwork.

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