Last Call, 500 Artist Limit: This Year’s Annual Lottery Art Show

studio1.1 Lottery Show

Artists are invited to buy tickets now for studio1.1’s fifth Lottery Show. In line with the enormous place luck and accident play in the art world, there will be no selection process: the winning artist’s name will be drawn from a hat on the last day of the Sluice Art Fair, and the artist will receive a four-week show in the gallery during 2014.  As a ticket, each entrant will receive a numbered lithographic A5 print by Kate Lyddon in a limited edition of 500.   Part conceptual provocation and part fundraiser for an artist-led gallery, the Lottery Show is  one tiny demonstration of the fact that who you know doesn’t always matter.

For further information go to the gallery website,

LAST CALL studio1.1 Lottery Show.
The Draw will take place on Sunday 20th Oct at Sluice art fair,

Limit: 500 entrants
Fee: £10 

KATE LYDDON, A Scene from Sarah’s Social, lithograph on card with collage, 2013

This year’s limited edition:

KATE LYDDON, ‘A Scene from Sarah’s Social’, lithograph on card with collage, 2013 edition of 500, 21 x 15 cms


3 thoughts on “Last Call, 500 Artist Limit: This Year’s Annual Lottery Art Show

  1. This is in London? Who pays for the work to go abroad??? just’s one thing to buy a ticket and get a’s another to be able to afford to ship the work overseas…and back. Just very cool all the same.


    • Might be easier for artists in the UK. I have known of artists flying to a city and creating artwork for a show after they arrived so they wouldn’t have to ship their art. Plus other options for making it all work. LIke an artist who flew to a city with all her canvases in a roll, then stretched them there upon arrival for her show. I guess it all depends on available resources, commitment, flexibility and other factors.Right Now Banksy is in NYC from the UK and putting on quite a variety show, getting lots of press and pissing off the NYPD. Each artist is so different, which is what makes it all so great. I do receive messages from artists all the time thanking me for posting calls and opportunities that they would not have learned about otherwise. I know an American artist who is in London right now, but she has a boyfriend there. So many different circumstances, it would be impossible for me to predict anything. I just post what seem like interesting and good opportunities.


  2. don’t get me wrong one can dream lol…I just know that after dragging my work around within the states alone I have come up with a list of restrictions for new venues…eg NO STAIRS!!! carting 6000 plus books around can be a killer…even when you are showing in your own stomping grounds will all your muscular friends around to help. It’s very expensive to ship your work from point A to B these days…crates and the like are expensive…insurance even more….a lucky lotto ticket is on thing but lightening striking twice for one show is rare indeed.


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