New Creative-Resale Site for Artists– Where You Sell, Buy, and Trade Art Supplies


Like all creative people, your process and materials change over time as you work. Or perhaps you’ve experimented with techniques and materials that were not quite right for you. You accumulate lots of art-making supplies and tools, some that just sit on a shelf and take up space as you move on to other projects.

Not every artist lives in a creative community were they can swap art supplies with other artists. There are plenty who don’t in fact. So how do artists upcycle new and used art supplies?  Marchelle Brotz, after 30 years of art-making and crafting, faced this dilemma of too many unused materials, as did her friends and associates. Even her accountant didn’t know what to do with a massive supply of yarn his mother left behind when she passed away(and the yarn may have gone to a landfill.)

So Marchelle started her new site, Creative-Resale where artists and crafters can swap, buy, and sell materials that may otherwise go to waste.

To get Creative-Resale off to a lively start, Marchelle is offering FREE LISTINGS to help populate the site.

How to add your listings:

Begin by taking one or more photos of the item you want to sell– (your phone or iPad may be perfect for that). If needed, use Photoshop or any picture enhancement program to make adjustments.

Next,  go to the Creative-Resale site, sign in (or sign up) and post your item description, price, then upload the photos.

Shipping can be included in your price or decided later when someone contacts you, or when the delivery destination is not yet known.

Items list for 30 days and you will receive an email at the end of the listing period to ask if you want to renew or not. If you want to renew, click on the link and your listing automatically renews.

Also, sign up for the Creative-Resale newsletter for updates on  LIVE, CREATIVE RESALE shows in your area. (Marchelle is always open to suggestions on inexpensive places to rent for sales). Live sales are similar to craft shows, ONLY for art and craft SUPPLIES. This will be something new, a trade show where you can rent a booth, bring your items, and people can shop, touch, see and negotiate— especially helpful for artists with large items to sell.

Creative-Resale is offering free ads for the rest of October. That’s right, it is absolutely free to list your unwanted art supplies and materials and how-to arts and crafts books.

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