Learn How to Create More Income Streams–Online Interactive Lessons for Artists: Textile Design Repeats


For many businesses, it’s the smaller sales in-between the sale of big-ticket items that keep them profitable.  Visual artists can benefit from a similar push by tapping into other avenues of income in addition to making sales of paintings and original artworks.  Creating designs for the textile industry may be a thought in the back of the minds of many artists as another way of putting their fine art composition and design skills to work, yet have no idea how to get started in that industry.

Artist Vivian Falzetti noticed a gap in instruction in that area as well. So she created a wonderful resource for artists, her iBook, Textile Design Repeats, Tips and Tricks.  Early in Vivian’s textile design career she hand-painted her repeat pattern designs. Later, she learned to work with a variety of computer design programs. It is from her experiences and broad knowledge base that she put together her instructive iBook.

Textile Design – Repeats Tips And Tricks

by Vivian Falsetti

is available for download on your iPad with iBook or on your computer with iTunes.

Textile Design – Repeats Tips and Tricks includes 40 Demo Videos and 19 Interactive Lessons which cover the basics of creating repeats and engineered layouts (engineered layouts are designs to fit to a specific size, for example, lamp shades or wall borders) using Adobe® Illustrator…  an introduction to the best tools for creating textile designs…  tips on how to organize tools on your desktop…samples of various types of repeats with detailed instructions and video demos on how to produce them… charts and formulas …shortcuts, tips and tricks to make creating repeat patterns fast and fun… sources for ongoing learning… timekeeping tips for freelance designers… valuable information and answers.

This iBook bridges the gap between wanting to create salable textile designs and gaining the insider knowledge to make that possibility work for you.

Vivian Falzetti at work in her California  studio.

Vivian Falzetti at work in her California studio.

View Vivian Falzetti textile designs on her website.

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