Jane Gottlieb: “Enriching a Whole Busy University With My Art”

Jane Gottlieb I just completed and installed her large scale artwork titled My Bilbao for the for UCLA Anderson School of Management and Business. My Bilbao is a 5′ x 10′ fine art archival printing on shiny canvas. Jane worked from a photograph that she took of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and enhanced with Photoshop.

Bilboa photograph by Jane Gottlieb

Guggenheim Bilbao photograph by Jane Gottlieb

My Bilboa, Jane Gottlieb

My Bilbao, Jane Gottlieb

In addition to the commissioned work My Bilbao, Jane Gottlieb has installed 70 of her large at pieces at UCLA, with all the artworks on loan for 10 years! Her artwork fills 4 floors of the UCLA Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library.

The majority of 45 total large artworks at the Law Library have the dimensions 30 x 40 inches, with 3 of the 45 artworks a larger size of 50 x 70 inches.

Twenty-five more large artworks by Jane Gottlieb are on display at the UCLA Anderson School of Business and Management.

“It’s wonderful to be able to really enrich a whole busy University building with my art,” says Jane Gottlieb. “I have gotten wonderful feedback, and both places gave me the best receptions I have every had after 30 years of art openings! My art has been up a year now.”

Jane Gottlieb is interested in doing more commissions at special order dimensions. “I have done commissions of people’s cars, and am excited about doing more larger mural-size pieces in the near future,” said the artist.

You will find Jane Gottlieb’s contact information here

Visit Jane Gottlieb’s website to view more of her colorful artworks: http://www.janegottlieb.com

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