The Art Galleries that do accept submissions from artists


Dear Artist

Many artists who sell their work online would also love to gain gallery representation to increase their reputation. But how do you find a gallery for your work? The good news is that there are a lot of art galleries out there that accept submissions from artists! Locating the right ones for you may seem an impossible chore. We know. We’ve been researching galleries for years. To help artists we make our research available in our 200+ page International Art Gallery PDF 

Here are just a few examples from our PDF of International art galleries–all in the United States–

Altered Esthetics in Minneapolis, Minnesota and ArtistRun Gallery in Long Island City, New York are two that make it easy for artists to submit.

Altered Esthetics has an online submission form on their site– plus an email address specifically for artists to use for making submissions for consideration for future exhibitions.

ArtistRun Gallery, Long Island City, New York, also has an online submissions form.

When you visit gallery sites be sure to read their submissions policies–which change frequently–

Recently, the La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Angeles, a top influential gallery of lowbrow, post-pop and pop-surrealist art, revised their submission policy to accept artist submissions from Oct 1st – December 31st only.

Some art galleries have Artist Liaisons on staff who prefer to receive email submissions and no phone calls from artists.

Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, has submission guidelines on their site that state– “Artist submissions are only accepted via email with the subject line “Submissions.” Include 72dpi images or an artist website for consideration.”

If you are confident that you have a good sense of how to write a cover letter and that the jpeg images of your art are properly sized and labeled, then you can submit via email to any art gallery that accepts submissions. If you need help with your approach, read the ebook Transmedia Artist Guide to Making Artist Submissions.

Luna Rienne Gallery, also in San Francisco, has this statement on their website–“We seek new artists and curators to assist in expanding our existing program. Please send online portfolios and proposals to (email address provided)”

Artists, we’ve made it easy for you to review many more international art galleries that accept artist submissions by providing the links to thousands of international art galleries listed in our resource PDF–International Art Galleries.

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7 thoughts on “The Art Galleries that do accept submissions from artists

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  2. I was not on the list, but I’ve only been open 3 months. I also accept submissions from artists and I’m selling art! I own the ACE Gallery on 222 Pine Street in Fort Collins, Colorado. You may write me with your submissions and will find me to be VERY reasonable, as I DO NOT take the 45% to 50% commission that most galleries command. and I am a social media expert and WORK FOR YOU the entire time you hang with me!!!

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