They Clicked With Investors—Now What? Who Will Win the Race to Sell Art Online?


For two years running, the website Artsy threw one of the glitziest parties at Art Basel Miami Beach, the 2012 edition a Chanel-sponsored blowout at Soho Beach House that went until 3 a.m. Just look at Patrick McMullan! Lenny Kravitz! The Brant Brothers! Dasha Zhukova! Wendi Murdoch! Demi Moore! Vito Schnabel! Pharrell Williams!

In December, their comparatively modest dinner was scheduled for the same time as Aby Rosen’s party, and not one of those names was in attendance.

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4 thoughts on “They Clicked With Investors—Now What? Who Will Win the Race to Sell Art Online?

  1. Thanks for this re-post, Marie. It’s an important aspect of the market to keep an eye on because it’s one that somewhat levels the playing field. Despite the fact that these featured online art marketers have figured out how to continue excluding independent artists.


    • Hi Karen
      I like the article because it seems to give an honest (if cryptic and veiled) account of the sales situation with these online sites. Otherwise, we just don’t know how they are doing.
      At the end of the article, there is the comment that those online sales sites mentioned can *continue to coast* on the $10Million they raised from investors. It costs a lot of money to build those large sites and keep them running. If sales aren’t great, they have a few years yet to grow them.


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