Art Dealer and Art Collector Reality Series

What do you think of this new reality series on YouTube?–

2 thoughts on “Art Dealer and Art Collector Reality Series

  1. Silly, but hey that is reality TV…I’d probably watch it and suck my teeth the whole time…Maybe if there was a bit more info presented about the artist? His genre, why he didn’t normally sign his work, hey maybe the fact that it was signed and dated is proof that it’s a fake? Maybe If her clients didn’t look like nouveau riche meat heads??? I’m sorry I enjoy reality TV as much as the next person, but do I take what I see seriously? No! …It reminds me of watching Love Boat as a teenager…enjoyable, fanciful nonsense.


    • Yes, I had similar thoughts. As, an artist, would you want an art dealer taking your work to collector’s homes? This reality TV does give an indication of what goes on behind the scenes, but I’d like to see some contemporary art by living artists sold to collectors. I never watched the Love Boat, and I knew the brother of one of the main actors on that show. I did see a clip of when Andy Warhol was on the Love Boat.


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