Artist Wallpaper–Print Your Own Designs

Andy Warhol cow wallpaper, 1971

Andy Warhol cow wallpaper, 1971

When I visited the Andy Warhol Museum, one gallery had walls covered in Andy’s cow wallpaper. You can still find Galleries and sellers on ebay offering signed sheets of this cow wallpaper for many thousands of dollars. Today, contemporary artist Shepard Fairy creates his own wallpapers, which he tears and collages into supports for much of his silkscreen art.

Some artists are looking for more interesting ways to offer their work, and so wallpaper may present options. Also artists seeking economical ways to create large prints that they will then embellish to make into unique hand-drawing and painting originals may look to wallpaper printers.

At Wallpaper on Demand, artists can upload their own designs and have mural size prints made or repeating pattern wallpaper printed of their work to sell or show as samples to potential buyers. The Wallpaper on Demand site is in English and Italian. I haven’t tried this site, yet so many possibilities come to mind.

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