New Online Art Sales Site: Showflipper

Sandeep Joshi contacted me about his dream to give a platform to artists that would connect artists and art lovers around the world… a dream of a new platform, where artists like you can exhibit and SELL their art. The new site is  Showflipper. Artist’s can get a free store now. But apparently, the site has not yet launched.

Please send your 10 creations at and get your free store today.

As new sites open and older established site transform, we continue to update our  1,100+ Places to Sell Your Art PDF resource list for artists.

4 thoughts on “New Online Art Sales Site: Showflipper

  1. Marie,

    Thank you for posting information about us.
    First of all, Spot series is amazing. I was lost!

    ShowFlipper Inc. is a registered firm in the USA.

    As mentioned in my email, at the moment you can only see a preregistration form. Artists can have store on SF by filling up a preregistration form. You will have access to your store on 15th April 2014.

    We will be launching on 15th April 2014. So far, we have built store for artists across 4 continents!

    ShowFlipper has in built tools to promote your artworks. More on ShowFlipper.

    If you need additional information please drop us an email at

    Best wishes and thanks once again.


    First of all thank you very much for checking us out. Yes, we do understand about the issue you had to face on 9th March 2014.

    It was because we were applying a small fix on our registration form. We have notified users about it. We managed to fix it in less than 180 seconds. It is only today we realized how crucial those 180 seconds were as we missed a chance to have you on our platform 🙂

    It was for few minutes only. Ever since the site is working all fine. I read your blog and my favorite painting is “Some Things We Regret”!

    It took us little long for us to respond but we were not aware about this discussion thread.

    We are extremely sorry if you had any issue in accessing our website.
    Inconvenience deeply regretted.

    Thanks and best regards.


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