Right Side Art Call: Instagram Photo-based Contest and Exhibition

I have enjoyed snapping shots using my iPad and sending the pics to Instagram to share. Recently, I shared shots of paintings hanging in museum exhibitions using Instagram. Many artists and others snap pics from everyday life with their cell-phones and iPads. There are plenty of apps available for iPad for adjusting and altering these images. The VSCOcam app is used to set exposure on iPad, iPhone and other devices, while the Nightcap app is for taking photos at night using your devices. There are many other apps– some are free, some retail for as low as .99 cents. Ask your Facebook friends what apps they use to discover more.

Participate in an Instagram exhibition to connect with others using photo-based device apps.

Right Side Art has two photography based Instagram contests and exhibitions each year. Their next deadline is August 2014.

Learn more via this link: http://www.rightsideart.com/call


(image at top courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)


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