Update: ArtWorld Print Competition Cash Prize Increased + More Support

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The Artworld has increased the cash prize of their print competition from €1,000 to €1,500., and additionally, updated the competition terms to cover payment for postage and packing for distribution of prints.

Artworld Artisanal Print Competition

Dear Artist,

Artworld is pleased to announce its very first Open International Art Competition. The cash prize is €1,500 (approximately $2,079USD or £1,236.) The winning artist will design, print and distribute a limited edition of 50 original hand-made prints. The prints will be distributed to individual art-lovers and artists pledging €100 or more to Artworld’s 2014 crowd-funding campaign.

Submissions (digital and by email) are invited from today. The closing date is Friday, May 16th 2014, and the winner will be notified by Friday, June 13th. The competition details, rules, terms and conditions are as below, and also as set out in the Competition Prospectus.

This is a great opportunity for emerging artists and skilled practitioners of an often undervalued art. If you yourself are not a print-maker, please pass this email to those that are. Alternatively you might share the Competition Notice on Facebook. Should you, or they, have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at artworld@negativeentropy.net.

Yours sincerely. Keith McFarlane Artworld Negative Entropy BV Amsterdam The Netherlands

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