Sell Your Art on Tumblr with easy to use Blk Dot

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.46.43 AM

Some artists and art galleries have a Tumblr blog exclusively, while others may have a Tumblr blog in addition to their main websites. Either way, there are a lot of artists and art galleries using Tumblr to post images and news, as well as millions of other users with a wide variety of interests.

According to Blk Dot, “Tumblr’s audience includes more than 10 million teens, 12 million 19-24 year olds and 12 million 25 – 34 years olds* with a combined discretionary spending power of over $200B. It is the world’s largest blogging platform hosting over 100 million blogs that create more than 80 million posts per day. Among social media platforms, Tumblr has the largest share of “time spent on site” after Facebook. It is the 15th most popular website in the U.S.”

Until now, you may not have thought of Tumblr as a place to sell your art.

But by setting up a Blk Dot account you can offer your original art, prints, posters, art books, and other items to buyers on Tumblr using  Blk Dot Stripe automated sales options.

I used Blk Dot to add two items for sale on my Tumblr blog, and found Blk Dot Stripe super automated and easy to set up in 4 steps. Add your banking information for deposit of funds from sales directly into your checking account. Blk Dot only takes a 3% commission per sale for their services.

You must have a fairly large high-resolution image of the item you wish to sell. Upload the image, add the description and price and the listing goes live right away. Super easy. Plus there are adjustments, such as options to move the *buy button* to any corner or center area  of your image.

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