DUMBO Arts Festival Now Accepting Artist Submissions

An artist recently asked if I thought it *worth it* for her to do art festivals.

Of course that depends on the venue, the artwork to be shown, and the goals or expectations of the artist, plus that artist’s willingness to expend the time and energy at the fair. If the artist has two-dimensional artwork such as framed photographs or paintings to exhibit and sell at the fair, there will need to be an additional investment into the equipment needed (such as a booth, lighting, and printed material to distribute at the festival etc). Perhaps some questions that artists should ask themselves would include–Would the physical presence of my art at the fair accentuate my online presence, and vice versa, or even my reputation as an artist? Will I meet gallerists at the fair who will view my work? Will other valuable connections be made? Will sales off-set expenditures?

DUMBO Arts Festival recently began accepting submissions.

Perhaps attend an art fair or festival first, to see for yourself, and talk to exhibiting artists there. Ask others about the pros and cons of their fair experience.


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