Aurora Borealis and Other Night Photography Subjects of Eileen Counihan

Milky-way Airstream, photograph by Eileen Counihan

Eileen Counihan travels across North America in an airstream travel trailer making her night photographs. The light effects in her images are all created in-camera within a single frame. Eileen never uses post-production manipulations of any kind.

“With my night images, I constantly search for new ways to incorporate the paradox of darkness and light into my work. First, I look for the perfect canvas: the blackest night sky, with little or no moon. Then I literally “paint” the night by illuminating the landscape that is hidden in the darkness, while simultaneously capturing the distant stars. My photographs are pure, not digitally manipulated. What we see is what my camera captured – the real night around us. I hope that as people see the world through my photographs, they feel that “realness” and see how the darkest nights can give us the brightest moments,” stated the artist.

Northern Lights 1, photograph by Eileen Counihan

Northern Lights 1, aurora borealis photograph by Eileen Counihan

Eileen was very fortunate to be in Alaska during one of the peaks of Auroral activity in recent years. Her photographs from the middle of March last year caught many aspects of this amazing phenomena. (Many taken on March 17 – the luck of the Irish? )

Northern Lights 7, photograph by Eileen Counihan

Northern Lights 7, photograph by Eileen Counihan

Many of Eileen Counihan’s photographs are available as limited edition prints. Visit her website

Eileen Counihan is represented by A Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Woodman/Shimko Gallery, Palm Springs, California.

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