Found on the Web: Save Your Stuff blog, Art Barter and Alteria Art Print Editions

We’ve found some interesting art sites on the web this week.

The latest articles on the Save Your Stuff blog caught our interest. The first, on how to protect your oil paintings from rips and tears  gave honest accounts of how such damage can occur and offered useful ways to prevent against damage. And a Second article on how to deal with pests that can damage your art is also recommended reading.


On Twitter this week, we encountered news from the co-founders of the not-for-profit Art Barter site , as they are embarking on a new commercial venture: Alteria Art.

 Alteria Art wishes to work closely with associated artists, commissions artists to produce handmade high quality limited edition prints, and offers the prints at affordable prices on their site to help support Art Barter projects.

On Art Barter, artists upload and list their artworks anonymously and the members of the public offer goods and services in exchange for the artworks. Art Barters artists have exchanged their works for such things as, 6 months of Italian lessons, 3 months of psychotherapy, 30 hours of reflexology, website design, a gallop on a white horse, gardening lessons, a poem for each month of a year and other creative offers ranging from a woman offering to bear the artist’s child to one promising a lifetime supply of cheese.

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