Support Artist Marketing Resources and Get Your Art and Website Featured and Promoted!



Artist Marketing Resources has put thousands of hours into providing artist with resources and calls to submit on our blog. So now we are giving you a way to support us with DONATIONS for PERKS 2!

Last year we raised $1000 in donations for perks, and this year we’ve doubled our target goal amount to $2000 in our second fundraising campaign. Help us reach the top, and get your art, art product and website promoted.

Donate $20. and get your website link listed in the sidebar homepage of our blog. The link will stay up long-term–a year or two…

Donate $30 for our e-postcard plan A–we create an e-postcards of one of your art images and send it out to 1,000 art galleries.

Donate $50 for our e-postcard plan B–we create 3 e-postcards of 3 of your art images and send them out to 1,500 art galleries.

Donate $75. and get a short feature blog post with 3-5 jpeg images, that you provide, that will contain a  clickable link to your website.

Donate $100. for a full blog post including text, 5-7  images, your links, and published concurrently, an image gallery of 10-12 images all clickable and linked to your site.

Go Large!

Donate $175. or more and your get the works! Full blog feature with 7-10 images, links to your site, link to your blog, link to your Facebook page,link to your Twitter and LinkedIn profile, and a concurrently published image gallery with up to 12 image with each clickable and linked to your website! Your feature and image gallery is shared in our LinkedIN group of over 3000 member artists and art professionals, and shared on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

You will see visitors to your site spike once our feature articles are published–the first and 2nd day especially


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