Artists want to become part of the Artist Family Tree? and why I love the TackAd blog.

I’m continually research art blogs and art magazines online and adding them to the already 60 pages of links I’ve compiled here.

While many artists would like to have their work featured on art blog or in art magazines, some may be asking–why add my name and website link to a grouping of “like” artists “Family Tree Style?”

The creator of Artist Family Tree groups artists on his site into categories of common Art Style terms, which is in no way intended to limit the possibilities for their art, but to be something all together different–something more.

I’d like to see Artist Family Tree grow into a useful style reference resource, not just of past art schools and styles, but especially for emerging artists, to give emerging artists chances for more visibility.  Researches will be able to find lesser-known artists more easily and discover new contemporary artists and their works to discuss, review and write about.

The Artist Family Tree blog is interactive. All are invited to comment with your own lists of artists and links of “like” Artists that may be missing from the site.
 Artists are welcome to include themselves and links to their sites as well.

Another art blog I discovered this week, and really love is TackAd. TackAd specializes in art made with spots, dots, text and abstract calligraphic styles often referred to as Asemic works.

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