Non-Profit Artist-Run Arquetopia Artist-in-Residence Programs in Mexico

I once stayed in a house in a mountain village in Mexico that later became central to a new writers residency. It was a wonderful place, with gorgeous views, no electricity –and I remember the water heater in the shower that I had to build a wood fire under.

I’m glad to learn of and share this information on these artist-run residencies in Mexico–(these, of course, are located in cities with electricity) :

Arquetopia Artist-in-Residence Programs Founded in 2009 in Puebla, Arquetopia,  Mexico is an official  Mexican nonprofit foundation run entirely by artists.


Arquetopia website:  E-mail for more information. They also provide letters of support for artists seeking funding from grant-giving organizations to fund their trip to Mexico–find out more on the Arquetopia Foundation blog.

The organization has quickly grown to become the premier artist residency program in Mexico with extensive collaborative networks in Puebla and Oaxaca.  Resident artists have come from all over the world, with some returning multiple times.  Arquetopia’s Artist-in-Residence Programs offer important professional opportunities for emerging and mid-career, national and international contemporary artists, designers, curators, and art educators age 25 and over.

Arquetopia is currently welcoming applications for the following artist residencies–

Day of the Dead Special Artist Residency 2014 – Puebla or Oaxaca– Artists working in a variety of media and techniques create and participate in southern Mexico’s spectacular Day of the Dead celebrations. This residency is offered at 6 weeks (extendable), September 29 to November 10, 2014.

Short-Term Research or Digital Photography Residency 2014 – Puebla or Oaxaca Short-term stays of 2 weeks in 2014 for art professionals, cultural researchers, and digital photographers in either magnificent colonial kaleidoscope of Puebla and Oaxaca, in beautiful southern Mexico.

BEAUTIFUL MUTANTS – Alebrijes Special Artist Residency 2014 – Oaxaca Explore and experiment with the Alebrijes tradition of wood carving and painting in the magnificent colonial city of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico.  Terms of 4 to 24 weeks during 2014.

Natural Pigments Special Instructional Artist Residency 2014 – Oaxaca With master instruction, learn to make and use a variety of Natural Pigments in Oaxaca, southern Mexico. Extendable 3-week terms during 2014.

Mexican Textiles Special Instructional Artist Residency 2014 – Oaxaca With master instruction, learn to make traditional, elaborate Mexican Textiles (back-strap weaving or embroidery) in Oaxaca, southern Mexico. Extendable 3-week terms during 2014.

Art, Design, or Photography Production Residency – Puebla or Oaxaca Create and explore! Terms of 4 to 24 weeks during 2014 in either Puebla or Oaxaca, southern Mexico. Self-directed program (no instruction is included; participants decide their own itinerary and work independently in provided spaces).

Printmaking Special Artist Residency 2014 – Puebla Printmaking terms of 4 to 24 weeks at Arquetopia, in the spectacular historic district of Puebla, southern Mexico.

Gold Leafing and Antique Art Techniques Special Instructional Residency 2014 – Puebla With master instruction, learn Gold Leafing and other antique art techniques in Puebla, southern Mexico. Extendable 3-week terms during 2014.

Ceramics Special Artist Residency 2014 – Puebla or Oaxaca Ceramics production terms of 6 to 24 weeks during 2014 in either of the magnificent colonial Puebla or Oaxaca, southern Mexico.

Art Educators Special Residency 2014 – Puebla Develop new art education projects with students and explore diverse pedagogic techniques with multiculturalism in Mexico’s prominent museums. Extendable 4-week terms during 2014 in the city of Puebla.

Art History or Cultural Research Residency 2014 – Puebla or Oaxaca Explore magnificent southern Mexico’s unique archives and resources from pre-Hispanic to contemporary, in historic Puebla or Oaxaca. Terms of 3 to 8 weeks during 2014.

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