Pictify, Pinterest, the ArtStack, ffffound,MeeWork, and We Heart It

When I see a comment that Pinterest is a waste of time, I know that they just don’t get it.  Both Pinterest and the ArtStack are great places to find reference images, organize, research and study –that is, examine a subject–such as a painting style–in a way that isn’t boring or tedious! If you are a visual thinker–and most artists are–then image sharing sites are for you. (When I want to view images of a historic artist’s work, I search Pinterest and ArtStack before I do a Google search).

ArtStack and Pictify are the two major sites that are all about publishing photos of art–your art, art you love, and historic artworks that inspire. Pinterest has an art category but users share images of everything, not just art, while the ArtStack and Pictify have only art images.

I’ve used Pinterest and ArtStack for a while, but only recently joined Pictify. I’ve also discovered a few smaller image sharing sites– ffffound , meework, and we heart it.

No matter what you call it– collecting, pinning, stacking, bookmarking, posting, or finding–when you put together interesting collections of art images you will attract others to view them, including gallerists, curators, art collectors, interior designers, and home decor shoppers! So be sure to have images of your own art and the art of your artist friends uploaded to these sites too.


(image via freedigitalphotos.net)

9 thoughts on “Pictify, Pinterest, the ArtStack, ffffound,MeeWork, and We Heart It

  1. Thank you Marie, what you wrote here today really helps me to better understand these platforms and how and when I should consider using them…it’s always seemed a bit overwhelming and confusing to me!


    • Hi Joe–Thank you for your comment! It’s good to get some appreciative feedback. My pins on Pinterest as set up to also appear as tweets on Twitter, and during the past two weeks I’ve had 3 blue chip galleries favorite several tweets of images of my pins. So they do look! Also, the ArtStack has lots of art galleries you can follow and perhaps curators at these galleries will view images of your own art that you upload to the ArtStack. Posting images to those other sites in my article could also help drive traffic to your own site, so be sure to add your link or make your art images clickable to your website before posting them. Best wishes

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  2. Hi Marie, Yes I see! Well, the only issue I have with all of these social networking sites or SNs is that they require time commitment on a regular bases to work. But maybe more important for me is that I’m not clear how to initiate or structure a plan for myself as to which platforms would be the best to use and commit to without feeling ovewheled! Maybe it just me???


    • Joe, the way I look at it, is that collecting art images on these sites actually is a time saver in the long run. Think about an art image you wanted to look at for whatever reason and had to search for in books, or try to find online. But on these sites you can collect images and easily return to your collections. Everyone feels overwhelmed. In fact, when I am feeling overwhelmed by work I find it relaxing to go to Pinterest or ArtStack and just get lost looking at images!


  3. Pinterest is the weirdest site I’ve ever encountered. I have a pinterest account but, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to use it. None of it makes any sense to me, whatsoever. To those of you who have figured it out, my hat is off to you with a huge CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂


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