Tech + Reuse: Art and Design 3DPrinter Uses Recycled Plastic Coke Bottles

Artists are innovators by nature and have long used and re-used cast-off everyday items and materials–from discarded building materials and house paints to old magazines and other print materials turned into collage art–all long before the term and practice of re-cycling became everyday.

Some refer to this use of materials as Sustainable art and there are websites such as that only show and sell art made from reused materials.

You can view art by artists in the RAIR (recycled Artists in Residency) using recycled materials —here–. And the Huffington Post published this article yesterday–14 Ways 3D Printing Has Changes the Art World.

American singer-songwriter along with Coca Cola has launched a company offering a small-scale 3D printer that uses post-consumer plastics to print smaller items out of recycled plastic Coke bottles.  The 3D printer uses cartridges loaded with filament that’s produced from recycled 20-ounce plastic Coke bottles.  Each machine is pre-loaded with 25 patterns, allowing you to print phone cases, bracelets, vases, bird houses, robots and shoes, and other items. The machine has a limited color palette with only the options of printing in red, black, white and natural.

The printer is now available for purchase through 3D Systems priced at USD$1,199 and will be shipped in the second half of 2014.

Find more print resources on Artist Marketing Resources newest list of Art Print Sales Sites, Giclee and Other Print Resources here.




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