8 Ways Artist Marketing Resources Uses Twitter Daily



An arts journalist working on an article asked me for a quote on how I use Twitter. Thinking about that, I came up with this list of 8 ways I use Twitter (there are more, but I stopped at eight):

1. My Artist Marketing Resources blog is set to auto-post a new tweet with link when I publish a new article (I post new articles 6 times or more per week, so almost daily).  I also share the article again, during key times such as 8 a.m. and again at noon. These tweets bring readers to my blog. I check my blog stats and watch the numbers soar.

2. I offer my artist resources—art gallery list, art licensing list, art magazines list, art sales list, art prints list, art photography, art consultants resource list for artists, and my services— in individual tweets, which bring new buyers.

3. I announce each sale and location of buyer in a tweet to bring interest and new buyers—such as last Friday I tweeted:  an artist in Dubai just bought my International Art Gallery list of clickable links for #artists here

4. I use tweets to promote art—my own and others—along with uploading images to twitter. I use Tweetdeck for easy image upload and for sending tweets out from multiple Twitter accounts.

5. I have my Pinterest account connected to one of my Twitter accounts, so my art pins routinely appear in my Twitter feed as images, and I’ve had several top Blue Chip galleries favorite certain Pinterest tweets.

6. Some of the hashtags I use: #art #artists #artcollectors #artmarket #buyartonline #sellartonline #prints

7. I started my own Twitter thread #artistmarket and re-tweet artists tweets when they use that hashtag and appear in my thread.

8. I use Twitter buttons to post new art images in tweets each time I add new art to my ArtFinder store, (also on Saatchi online) usually adding hashtags. ArtFinder then Tweets the news that they have new art by me available on ArtFinder along with the image of my art. Then I re-tweet their announcement. So it’s great when I site works with artists using Twitter this way.

In short, I find twitter to be a valuable line out to new connections, to bring in readers and buyers and build my online presence and reputation.

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