Did American Eagle Just Rip off Miami Street Artist?

Others artists has reported similar infringements and unauthorized use of their art by Urban Outfitters https://artistmarketingresources.com/2014/05/30/urban-outfitters-uses-artists-designs-found-online/

The Cuban Art Project

AholSniffsGlue in front of one of his signature “eyeball” paintings, which he claims was used “without credit or compensation” in an American Eagle ad campaign. Photo by Daniel de las Casas for Tropicult

Some old Greek guy once said that the law is reason, free from passion. If that old chestnut held up under scrutiny there’d be a lot fewer pissed-off humans hand-pounding license plates in our sprawling prison-industrial complex. This contradiction inspired us to repurpose an old Noisey column, Ask a Lawyer, to give us the opportunity to hit up one of our lawyer buddies and get him to drop the gavel on the weirdest legal issues of our stupid time. He’d only agree to speak with us anonymously, because lawyers are pussies. Enjoy!

On the whole, so-called street artists are pretty low on the human tolerability index—a step above “rollerbladers” or “meth dealers,” perhaps—but this week, we…

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