Art-Cart Call for Artists to Join + Competition for a Personal Show in Europe


Artists,  join Art-Cart free, upload 5 artworks by August 15th and you are entered in the competition for a solo gallery show in Europe.

Virtual contemporary art platform Art-Cart is an interactive website acting as a platform that allows artists to showcase and sell their work. Art-Cart has an exclusive competition for any artist registered at the Art-Cart website. All artists who register on the website and upload their works for sale have a chance to win an invitation to hold a personal exhibition at the Kaunas Picture Gallery (address: 16 K. Donelaičio street, Kaunas, Lithuania) that is part of the National M K. Čiurlionis Museum. The competition is open to all artists, designers, individuals and groups.

– The artists must upload at least 5 works for sale onto the Art-Cart website in order to participate
– Artists who upload their works after August 15, 2014 are not eligible to participate in the competition
– The winning artist’s exhibition will take place in November 2014 (for a duration of 1 month)
– The competition jury will choose a winner based on the works uploaded onto the website; the winning artist may exhibit more of his/her works at the exhibition; the exhibition details will be discussed with the winner of the competition after the announcement is made.

Art-Cart aims to develop creative business and art consumption throughout the global audience and increase the promotion of new works of art presented by emerging artists. Art-Cart gives artists the opportunity to be visible in the virtual environment, which today has become one of the most popular and important platforms around the world.

More information read the full call to artists here.

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