New Pinterest Group Board Where Artists Include Retail Price On Image Pins of Their Art



I created a new Pinterest board this morning, Art Direct From Artists, where artists may pin images of their available art with retail price on each image. For artists who pin their art images to this new Pinterest group art board, I will re-pin your images to other appropriate Pinterest boards, plus every time I pin or re-pin your art image it will appear in my Twitter feed. I’ve had several top art galleries favorite Pinterest images in my Twitter feed for @Transmediartist. Plus, there is a new Pinterest option, a *Send Board* button at the top of the board. Once the board has artwork with retail prices I will work to find interior designers and other art buyers to send the board to. As creator of this group board I have curatorial options to remove any images that do not follow the board guidelines, such as lacking retail price or poor image quality.

If you’d like to add your art to the new Art Direct From Artists Pinterest Board simply let me know your Pinterest user name in a comment here. Once I add your user name to the group board you will receive an invitation via Pinterest. Accept, read the short group tips and instructions and add your art images. Add as many as you wish. (UPDATE: Please add Marie Kazalia on Pinterest to make it easy to join this group broad.)

Be sure to include your retail price on your Pinterest Pins of your art images!

While Social Media Examiner articles are not specifically about marketing fine art, their recent article 7 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Improve Visibility really hit the nail on the head for art marketing on Pinterest.

Social Media Examiner‘s #1 tip for using Pinterest–

#1: Include Price Tags

ekaterina walter gravatar pic

Ekaterina Walter

Pinterest users aren’t just looking for creative inspiration on the network. They’re also ready to buy.

Make sure you include a price tag in the pins you create or repin. After all, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. More importantly, Pinterest pins with prices get 36 percent more likes than those without.

Providing a bit of general inspiration is great, but as a business person and a marketer you ultimately want to drive traffic to your site and inspire a purchase as well.

84 thoughts on “New Pinterest Group Board Where Artists Include Retail Price On Image Pins of Their Art

    • Hi K.

      I found you on Pinterest as K Henderson Art and also when I searched you on Pinterest your came up as *K Henderson* (perhaps Pinterest abbreviates?) while I noticed the full *K Henderson Fine Art* as the title of your main board area. I tried adding all three variations to the board but you did not appear. It’s automated and when I type in your name I should get your account to click on to invite.
      So, try following me first, and that may fix the problem.


  1. artistcreator says:

    Hi My pinterest user name is Leemour Pelli Artist Studio I think. . .

    Would like to participate. Thanks,

    Leemour Pelli ‘


    • Hi Leemour

      I just sent you an invitation to the new Pinterest board. Please pin your art images with retail prices. Thanks for participating! Let’s repine each other and get some more visibility. Especially for the upcoming holiday buying season.


  2. Kajal Zaveri says:

    Hi Marie,

    I would really appreciate you adding me to this new ‘art-direct-from-artists” board.

    My pinterest user name is : * *

    Thanks in advance and look forward to posting on your board.Thanks for all you do to help artists.

    Regards Kajal


    • Hi Cathy

      I added you to the Pinterest board using your gmail email address. I don’t know if you will see the invitation to the group on Pinterest or in your email. But you will need to accept the invitation to post your images.


  3. Once again you amaze me, Marie. I would love to be included I’ll have to re-send some of my images to be sure the price is included and I’d like to start putting better descriptions with the work. Marie, is it possible for a person to have two separate pinterest accounts? I’m asking because I do a second line of work under a different name. It is completely different from my fine art, very focused on marketing and selling.
    Thanks so much,
    Anne Bevan


    • Hi Anne

      Thanks for the link. I will add you to the group board.
      Please follow me on Pinterest at

      Most social media site require a unique email address per account. If you want to create more than one account on Pinterest you may need to use a different email address than the one you used to set up your current account.


  4. Hi Maria, could you please add me to your Pinterest board? My user name is batikwoman. Thanks Muffy Clark Gill Fine Art 2725 12th Street North Naples, Florida 34103 Studio 239.434.7006 Direct 239.253.8827


    • Hi Jose

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have added you to the group Pinterest board. You will find and reply to my invitation to join the group board from within your Pinterest account dashboard (in upper right corner on Pinterest.) Best wishes


    • Thanks, Linda

      I have added you to the group board. You will find the invitation in the upper right corner of your Pinterest account page. Accept the invitation and then you can add your images/pins.


    • HI Dennis

      I found Dennis Wells on Pinterest and added you to the group. You should see an invitation on your Pinterest profile at upper right on Pinterest. Best wishes


  5. alizaringoldflake says:

    Hi Marie – I would love to be added to the group board. I am “Martha Jane Bradford” on Pinterest. (Alizarin Goldflake is my avatar name – not relevant on Pinterest)


    • Hi Martha
      Glad to have you join.I always think of you as Alizarin Goldflake, and yes, I have added you to the group Pinterest board. You should see an invitation to accept on your Pinterest account (upper right on Pinterest).


  6. akismet-05104e1536827c7853ebf26f8d4fff44 says:

    cdmcclure is my ID. I would like to know more about this as I have commercial galleries. I need to know about if I have the option of uploading images and removing them at will if they rotate to a gallery, etc.


    • cd Mcclure

      1. follow me on Pinterest so I can add you to the group board —
      2. I have commercial galleries too, am in a show/upcoming gallery walk etc.–I only post available work to the Pinterest group board and ask other artists to do so as well.
      3. Since there varying are issues account to account on Pinterest, I recommend that you add a pin to the group board and then trying removing it as a test.

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Hi Leon

      I sent you an invitation to the group board, and you can find it at the upper right of your Pinterest page account. Accept and add your art pins with retail price tag on each. Best wishes


    • Hi Franke

      I invited you to join the group board. You can accept my invitation from your Pinterest account (upper right on Pinterest) and add your art with retail price on each image pin. Best wishes


    • Hi garnet & Ashes

      Yes, I have just now sent you an invitation to the group board. Find it on your Pinterest account at upper right corner on Pinterest. Accept the invitation to add your pins.

      One artist asked how to add pins and link their website to the pin. That is done by clicking on the + on Pinterest at upper right. There you can upload jpeg images, or find the unique URL for each image on your blog or site and copy and paste that URL to link the image to your site. You can also pin images from your own site to the group board.


  8. Thank you Marie, not only for your amazing blog, but for yet another opportunity – how on earth do you find the time for such professional content?
    I would love to be a participant on your new board. My main account is and my new art ‘business account’ is [I still have a lot of images to post].
    Again, I sincerely say “thank you” for all your hard work Marie!



    • Hi Julia
      I’ve sent you invitations to all 3 group boards. On you Pinterest page upper right you can accept to join and add your images with retail price tags. Thanks for making it easy! Best wishes


    • Lisa

      I absolutely loved viewing images of your work on your Pinterest page. Very glad to have you join my group board–invitation sent. Please be sure to add a retail price to each image description. Best wishes


    • Hi Melanie

      I’ve sent you invitations to my group boards and a message on Pinterest. Thanks for participating. Also, it’s important to add your retail price to each image of your art that you pin to my group boards. I am promoting the group boards as art with retail price tags.


    • Hi Suzie
      I sent you an invitation to my group Pinterest board. You will find it on your Pinterest page at upper right. Accept and pin you art with retail prices on each images. Best wishes


    • Hi Ryan

      My name is Marie. I just sent you an invitation to join my group Pinterest board Art Direct From Artists. You will find it and accept on your Pinterest page at top right. When you add your art images please be sure you have a retail sales price in each image description. BTW, I like your art. Thanks for participating. Best Wishes


    • OK, I invited you. I followed your friend but he’ll have to follow me back before Pinterest will allow me to send him an invitation to the group board.

      Be sure to add prices to your art images! Best Wishes


    • An absolute must / requirement is that you have a Retail Price on each and every art image that you pin to my group Pinterest board. If I have to spend time deleting pins that lack retail price and contact the artist repeatedly asking them to comply with this one simple detail then I will simply start removing artists!

      Sorry to get on your case from the start, but those several who don’t comply have caused extra work for me again this morning. SO I am thinking that I need to be harder from the very beginning.

      You will find your invitation to join the group board at the top right corner of you Pinterest page. Best Wishes!


    • Hi Katarzyna Kmiecik ART

      I just sent you an invitation to join my group board on Pinterest. Be sure to add your retail price on each artwork that you pin to my group board. thanx


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