Artists: Do You Want to Accept Crypto Currency for Your Art?

Crypto currencies– Bitcoins and AppleBytes.

AppleBytes may be described as a grassroots New York City artist-founded movement in development. Using Applebytes may be the digital era’s equivalent of dropping coins into an artist’s tip jar. Although AppleBytes are starting in New York City, the nature of digital currencies is that they can be used in any city around the world! Bitcoin is a new digital currency. Both AppleBytes and Bitcoin have a digital wallet (a sort of “digital purse”).

Using either crypto currency–AppleBytes or Bitcoin– is as convenient as using a credit card but without incurring high fees.

This short video explains the concept of sidestepping banks and fees using crypto currency:

Do Your Want to Accept Bitcoin payments?

You can accept Bitcoin as a Etsy shop owner, Shopify, BigCommerce and many others–a long list of commerce platforms will appear in a drop down menu to select from– you can immediately receive Bitcoin payments over the Bitcoin network and attract a new and growing customer base of Bitcoin users. You can accept Bitcoin directly, completely free of cost. You just need to run a wallet software. You can find a list of available wallets at As soon as you have your Bitcoin wallet set up, you can send and receive Bitcoins.

One of the most secure wallet options for Bitcoins is

Here is a short video on

Are you thinking about accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for your art or online shop? The payment gateway BitPay offers you:

  • The ability to accept Bitcoin payments and receive EUR deposits to your bank account.
  • Pay-outs via BitPay are offered both in Bitcoin and Euros, as well as any combination of both (for example 25% Bitcoin, 75% Euro pay-out to your bank account).


Sign up for a Bitpay account here:

Sign up for a AppleBytes account here:

Using Crypto currency–AppleBytes:  The creators of AppleBytes ask you to imagine you’re at a live performance or show and want to give the artist something. You can use AppleBytes right from your mobile phone.  When you’re watching Youtube you can give artists some AppleBytes. On Facebook don’t just click “like” but give some AppleBytes and then post about it. Encourage artists with AppleBytes!

With AppleBytes it is easy to gift your favorite artists electronically, first as a token of appreciation, and eventually as AppleBytes becomes known in New York City they can be exchanged for food, drinks, all kinds of services from local merchants, as well as exchanged for Bitcoins and other crypto currencies.  AppleBytes can be given to any artist anywhere in the world.  (I have 500 AppleBytes in my wallet. I’m sending them to artists. Just tell me where. My email:

How Artists are Using Crypto Currency: Cointemporary is an early example of an online exhibition of international art for Bitcoin. Valentin Ruhry and Andy Boot are the two artists who run Cointemporary, posting their own work for sale, and occasionally the exhibition also displays artwork created by different artists. Cointemporary is their online platform showcasing a single artwork for seven days allowing buyers to purchase the work using Bitcoins.  At the end of each week a different artwork is displayed and available for purchase.

Get business help: Coinfinity will help you understand Bitcoin and integrate this technology into your business. Contact Applebytes via Facebook:

5 thoughts on “Artists: Do You Want to Accept Crypto Currency for Your Art?

    • Max, News is out today that ebay may start accepting Bitcoin payments. The state? Which state? Like? Does not liking equal illegal? If crypto currency was illegal I would not have posted a blog article about it. New York city transit is selling pass cards for use on public transportation to users of crypto currency. Stay calm. Stay rational. Look for the bright side. Artists tend to be conservative. you want to be an early adopter, that’s up to you. But crypto currency growing in use. It’s another way to earn income.


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