Art We Love: Fine Art Print Editions and Photography Print Editions


The mission of Art We Love is to make fine art finally collectible, so they tend to work with more established artists who already have a gallery and want to create a more accessible type of artistic production. This allows Art We Love to work with galleries directly as they submit their artists for consideration, but from time to time Art We Love also reviews portfolios from artists who do not have gallery representation.


The print featured is their latest edition is by Stefan Hengst titled Orange and red | 03.09.10.  More info:

Artists will find more print sale resources here.

8 thoughts on “Art We Love: Fine Art Print Editions and Photography Print Editions

  1. I think your organization and generosity to artists is wonderful. As an independent artist this information is extremely useful to me and I am very grateful. Thank you so much, Marie!


    • Thank you again, Marie. Doing a follow through on your store on Amazon. Nice going that you set that up but do you have your own printing facilities or do you use professional print services?


    • Joyce

      The artworks on Amazon ship direct from each artist. So each artist prints via the services in their area. Chris Osborne in Connecticut has a Giclee printer for her canvas prints. When an order comes in she has her printing service produce a print on canvas from the images they have of her art. She already has printed editions of each poster on paper stored in her studio for poster sales. The work of artist William Montgomery is large scale Lambda print mounted to plexiglass. Each print ships in a wood crate to buyer from the printer. The expense of producing each print makes it impossible for the artist to have them printed in advance and in stock. So the situation for each artist is slightly different. I hope that answers your questions. Best wishes


  2. Thank you for this information, Marie, it is very helpful. So the artist has to strike an arrangement with a local printer and is paid in time by the collector in order to pay the printer for the print? I appreciate this valuable information. How do you keep track of all this?


    • Joyce

      The arrangement between local printers and artists vary. If an artist is a regular customer, then the printer may not require payment from the artist right away but may bill monthly for instance.
      I have no control over Amazon policy. Amazon has a 30 day return policy for any reason, so I do not pay the artists until 30 days after the buyer receives the item. I’ve had one return so far. The reason a buyer returned the poster was given as “no longer needed.” So if I pay the artist too soon and have to refund a buyer there would be problems. So payments to artists must wait 30 days. Also, Amazon is highly automated. They have reports and management tools behind the scenes that shoppers don’t see. So I am easily able to keep track of everything.

      Just to let you know, each item on Amazon must have a UPC code. So I can only list new artworks from artists who have UPC codes for their items.


  3. I know that Amazon does not deal with independent artists directly which is why I was so surprised to see you have setup your own dealership with them there. I deeply admire all that you are doing.


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