New Art Gallery in the UK Currently Accepting New Artists From the UK and Abroad



This is a great opportunity for contemporary artists.

There is a new art gallery in the UK which considers itself a platform for contemporary art, showcasing the emerging art practice of artists. The gallery creates new opportunities for artists to exhibit their work. The gallery is currently selecting artists from the UK and internationally to join their gallery and collective exhibitions. They are seeking art from artists working in all media. For submissions, they prefer a link to your artist portfolio and a description of your practice sent to them via email.

Since we do not wish to contribute to a flood of submissions, we have added the name of the gallery, and their email address for submissions, to our gallery e-list. Get the gallery e-list here.



2 thoughts on “New Art Gallery in the UK Currently Accepting New Artists From the UK and Abroad

  1. is this e-list the document under the same graphic, listed at $39 ? You have fallen quite a way in my estimation for not putting the $39 tag on your front page for this story. You are free to charge for information, we all do, but you implied that you were sparing the UK gallery unwanted mail bombing. Just a tad more transparency please?


    • Aldobranti–Thanks for dropping in and passing judgement on my one blog post that doesn’t give away free information. Why not review more articles before you drop negative comments. BTW, what have you done for me lately?


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