Women Artists of the World and the International Foundation for Women Artists

Last week we started a discussion on whether a particular painting was “sexist” or not — and you can read the article and comments here.

We want to be clear that Artist Marketing Resources supports all artists! We support female artists and male artists around the world. We also want to avoid an Us vs Them mentality. All artists are important to us.

Participating in one group of artists does not preclude you from participating in other groups. Woman artists may join groups of artists or artist organizations consisting of both men and women. In addition, some women artists may feel the need to join a women’s group to connect more with other women artists to discuss their work or find a shared studio space with another woman artist.

Women Artists of the World, a relatively new site, will be one year old next month in October. The site has a Cafe Chat feature where women artists set up in-person meet-ups with one another–such as to get together for a cup of coffee if they live in the same town or to organize larger group meetings to discuss projects. Right now, in the Cafe Chat room, there is a women artist offering shared studio space in Paris!

Women Artists of the World is a website designed to function as both a community and an international directory. The site is dedicated to promoting women artists worldwide by allowing them to create a profile with pictures and videos to promote their own art. The site also works as a social network where users, female artists and art lovers, can post their comments, news, requests, and more.

The founders of Women Artists of the World, who are themselves artists, felt their site was far from being enough support for women artists, so they also created the International Foundation for Women Artists



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