Appear Here: Where Artists Find Spaces To Show and Sell

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On the Appear Here site, you’ll find spaces available for rent in such high traffic public places as Piccadilly Station or in a small and intimate café or an art gallery hallway.

Whether you are a UK artist or planning a trip, use the Appear Here site search feature to find low-cost and temporary space in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bath, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and other locations.

If you’d like to get a group of artists together for a holiday show and sale to share the rental expenses, Appear Here is the leading marketplace to find space and book short-term retail space for your pop up shop or art exhibition.

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Great idea but not sure how to begin? Get help from the Appear Here guides on Finding Space, Booking Space, Design and Fit Out, and on doing Pop Up PR.

This short video describes how the Tate used their pop up shop for day time retail sales and evening interactive activities:

To find more resources on where to show and sell, plus promotional tools for artists, visit the Artist Marketing Resources web store here.

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