3 C’s of Creating Your Printed Art Design: Clarify, Communication, Cost

Large 3D Printed Sculpture, J F Rygo

Large 3D Printed Sculpture, J F Rygo

Last week, we published an article containing resources for getting your small Giclee art print editions and 3D printed items ready for holiday sales. Read our article Get Your Art Printed as Mini Giclee Prints or 3D Prints for Holiday Sales here.

Related to that preparation process are the  Three C’s : Clarity, Communication, Cost, discussed in the recent article published on the Shapeways blog of 3D News and Innovations. Their article contains practical advice on getting the most for your money when creating your 3D design for printing.

According to Shapeways, your ideas, sketches, photos, your Pinterest boards, magazine clippings and screenshots of elements you like are all really helpful in communicating what you want to the printer. (Another plus for using Pinterest!)

Cost, plus an understanding of the 3D printing process as it relates to your design, go hand-in-hand for creating the best work.  How much you are willing to spend will be effected by whether you provide the printer with a finished product or a 3D file that you will upload yourself, what materials you want your 3D printed item created with, and if you are creating an edition or a One-of-a-Kind art piece.


small 3D printed nendroid

small 3D printed nendroid


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