Artist E-postcards: Elinore Schnurr

We’ve sent out artist e-postcards to top art galleries currently reviewing work. The e-postcards are e-mailed individually along with the link to the artist’s website. There are two e-postcard marketing option for artists. Click here for details on E-Postcard Marketing Plan A.  Click here for E-Postcard Marketing Plan B.











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2 thoughts on “Artist E-postcards: Elinore Schnurr

    • Hello Metrov

      E-postcards are amazingly versatile. I’ve sent them to top art galleries that are reviewing artists, as well as to newer galleries in NYC, and have gotten several positive responses. Very good considering that the e-postcard marketing plans are just a couple of months old. Also, I send e-postcards out in sets of three with clickable link to artist website. I also post e-postcards on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and add them as images to tweets on Twitter with links and hostages such as #artgallery #contemporary #artcollector #artforsale etc.

      Printed cards have off-line applications but are sent out as one image on the card or used for announcing an exhibition. Most galleries do not like to receive materials in the mail from artists. Unless you print up an elaborate fold out card you are only presenting one image on a mailed card and the recipient would have to type in your link or you would have to print a scannable QRS code on the card. Which could work well for an event with many people participating.

      Your goals, projects and budget all come into play. It would cost around $200-300 to print one thousand postcards + add postage expense for mailing and hours of time to write the address on or make mailing labels. So my e-postcard marketing plans are a good deal since I do all the work and continually research gallery opportunities so as to get the e-postcards out when new opportunities arise. I could say much more, but that’s the gist.


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