Artist Promotions Scholarship Fund

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Artist Promotions Scholarship Fund–let’s give artists what they need–time, funding, visibility–

The first phase of the new scholarship program is to raise funds. You can support our scholarship campaign here.

Help us get the ball rolling!


We’re using the Megafounder platform that takes 0% of funds raised and allows for an ongoing campaign with no all-or-nothing goal amount to set and reach, and no ending deadline date. We expect such lack of restrictions to allow our project to evolve, change and mature. Your web and mobile donations to our scholarship fund processed are via Stripe, which accepts payments from users globally in 139 currencies.

Artists around the world need support. Our new scholarship has no geographic restrictions. We understand, that in the Bahamas, where one Bahamian dollar equals one US dollar, there may be less need. But in Argentina, where it takes $8.52 Argentine Pesos to equal one US dollar– ( The currency symbol for the Argentine Peso is the dollar sign the same as it is for the US dollar)–the un-equal currency exchange rate my cause hardships. If an artist in Argentina wishes to participate in an online US-based exhibition opportunity that requires a submission fee of say $35.00 US dollars, the artist will have to pay $298.20 Pesos to participate.  In the Czech republic it takes $22.34 CZK or Kruna to equal one US dollar. So that $35.00 fee comes to $781.90 CZK. Both relatively large amounts of money in those countries. Perhaps you’ve never consider this before, but now you get the idea of how even paying a relatively small amount in US dollars can be a huge limiting factor to artists outside the US wishing to gain more international visibility.

The goal of our scholarship fund is to remove limiting fee obstacles for artists. With this new scholarship fund we will use monies raised to pay the exhibition fee for a select number of international artists, as well assist artists with promotional and other expenses.

Artist Marketing Resources will be administrating this new scholarship fund for visual artists. Working in conjunction with Exhibitions Without Walls, we will offer a scholarship to cover the submission fees for a limited number of photographers and digital artists wishing to submit their art to exhibitions. The scholarship fund also seeks to assist artists working in all media to exhibit in a physical gallery space in Amsterdam via the ArtWorld exhibition projects. There are no fees to exhibit with the ArtWorld exhibition program in conjunction with gallerist, Ella Arps of Arps&Co. In 2014 Arps&Co set up its aptly named Win-Win program for emerging artists. The program was marketed by Artists Marketing Resources, with Artworld providing a permanent online exhibition, editorial and community support. Win-Win delivered solo exhibitions in Amsterdam, so far, for about a dozen emerging artists chosen from around one hundred applicants worldwide. Arps&Co were responsible for the selection, curation, organization and provision of the exhibition space (the Window Gallery, a modest venue outside the Amsterdam city center). The artists met their own travel, shipping and accommodation costs, and were expected to make an ex gratis payment to a small arts’ education based charity,  TeachForLife, itself based in Amsterdam. Win-Win was very well received by the artists and Arps&Co signed a number of promising young talents. On several occasions, the exhibitions of artists from the smaller countries were attended by the ambassador of the artists’s country or at least the cultural attaché. One artist himself secured an repeat exhibition in the Mexican Embassy in The Hague.

We understand that some artists may be unable to participate due to the expenses to ship their artwork to the gallery and travel to attend the exhibition to meet with gallerists, collectors, and ambassadors. The goal of the scholarship fund is to provide needed assistance to artists.

The first phase of this new scholarship program is to raise funds. Help support artists here.

Note: the fundraising platform we are using takes 0% of funds raised and allows for an ongoing campaign with no all-or-nothing goal amount to reach and no ending deadline date.

Once a balance of funds is available we will begin administering payments for artists as these funds allow. Follow this blog for updates and calls to artists for future funding opportunities.

Artist Promotions Scholarship Fund.


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