Call to Oregon & NW Artists

art in architecture

For Northwest Artists only.  We are curating new artworks for 2015/16 catalog. Submit your artwork for consideration today.  Due Feb. 20, 2015

Here is what we are looking for:

1.   Spring color palettes.  No red.  Below is an example of the palette and artworks from our 2012 collection that incorporated these colors in creative ways.

Popular color palette for artists in 2015 2015/16 color palette are the soft spring colors.

Artworks for healthcare example palette and composition2.   Groupings of 3-5 images in same ratio that can be installed as a set (series).  We need to fill very large walls, so we often install a grouping of artworks down corridors or in large public areas.

Studio Art Direct top seller Sarah Goodnough Sarah Goodnough’s set of 4 beautiful spring bird paintings is a best seller.

Studio Art Direct top seller Bonnie Bruno Bonnie Bruno’s garden series is a top seller

3.   Works of art that can be reproduced large.  That means that the scan or photo must be taken of a fairly large original…

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