Seeking Original Articles, Artist Videos, and Artist News for ArtWorld App Community Magazine

View of the ArtWorld app Community Magazine in iPad

View of the ArtWorld app Community Magazine in iPad

As Co-Editor of ArtWorld Community Magazine, I’d like to invite artists, arts writers and arts journalists to submit original articles on subjects related to the art works of living artists.

Accepted articles will be published in the Artworld Magazine(within the Artworld app) for iPhone and iPad and on the ArtWorld Facebook page, as both PDF and as HTML.
 Facebook. As an Album on the Artworld’s Timeline for viewing by the 8,550 followers of the ArtWorld app on Facebook.
 PDF. As a formatted and illustrated text in Helvetica. This format improves readability, especially with smaller devices and low-resolution screens.
 HTML. As formatted HTML. The style and the layout is optimised for the iPad and iPhone ( the fonts will be very small when viewed on a larger screen). The presentation is dynamic and adjusts to the height and width available. It needs to in order to present things properly on both iPad and iPhone, and in portrait and landscape orientation.
Here are a couple of screenshots from the iPhone and iPad. If you have access to an iPad or iPhone you can check out the in-app presentation in detail.
iPhone view of the ArtWorld Community Magazine

iPhone view of the ArtWorld Community Magazine


  Screen shots show how to share article to Facebook and Twitter from your device.
Submit previously unpublished articles to ArtWorld Community Magazine Co-Editor, Marie Kazalia, via email:
Map view of the ArtWorld app showing locations of the studios of artists using the app

Map view of the ArtWorld app showing locations of the studios of artists using the app

8 thoughts on “Seeking Original Articles, Artist Videos, and Artist News for ArtWorld App Community Magazine

  1. artistcreator says:

    HI Marie,

    Would this University Documentary be good? it is about my work but old. . .from 2003.

    Leemour UCFDocumentary.MOV



  2. Hi Marie, I am having a solo exhibit that might be appropriate for an ArtWorld write up, draft follows.

    Thanks for all you do to help artists,

    Leon Sarantos

    ColorPlay by Leon Sarantos

    Leon Sarantos is pleased to announce his solo exhibit, ColorPlay, at the Bernard Gallery. The exhibit will run from May 26 through June 19th. A reception will be held in the gallery on the 2nd floor of Calumet College of St. Joseph on Wednesday, June 3rd, from 4:30 to 6:30. The public is welcome to attend.

    Mr. Sarantos was born in Indiana and now lives in Chicago. He spent his boyhood in Midland, Michigan. There he admired the many beautiful buildings designed by Alden B. Dow, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright. This inspired Leon to become an architect, but he always made time for art as well. He graduated from the College of Arts and Architecture at the University of Michigan. He studied art at the the Hyde Park Art Center and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His paintings are inspired by his love of color – color swirls over the canvas, with strong, lively brush strokes. Although he often creates abstract paintings, he also combines architecture and art by painting cityscape scenes. He lives near the University of Chicago and enjoys painting the Gothic buildings on campus. He also creates figurative art, landscapes and still life paintings.

    Leon has exhibited his art in galleries and venues throughout the area including: South Shore Arts in Munster, Paul Henry’s Art Gallery and White Ripple Gallery in Hammond, as well as CornerStone Gallery and Studio 659 in Whiting. His art has also been displayed in Chicago venues, such as Hyde Park Art Center, Studio Oh and Zhou Brothers Art Center.

    He has won several awards and honors, including Best of Show at CornerStone Gallery, and First Prize at the Beverly Art Center in Chicago. Most recently his landscape, “Winter Woods,” received an Honorable Mention at the Indigenous Landscapes exhibit at the Indiana Welcome Center. He is a juried member of the Union Street Gallery Guild. He is also the Gallery Director at CornerStone Gallery. His art is in private collections nationally from coast to coast, as well as internationally in London and Moscow.

    For information regarding the exhibit, contact Leon Sarantos at 773 288 1944 or You can also contact Martin Martinez, Bernard Gallery curator at 473-4384 or Calumet College of St. Joseph is a private, Catholic institution of higher learning located at 2400 New York Avenue in Whiting, Indiana. Currently serving approximately 1,300 students, the college has provided access to education for students of the Calumet Region since 1951 and offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

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