Artists, Should You Use UberRUSH For Your Art Deliveries?


FedEx, UPS and the Postal Service have never been ideal for shipping your art. But those are the choices you have to go with. Art should be handled with care, and no matter how well you pack it, when you use those services, your art still gets put on conveyor belts along with everything else handled that day. (I’ve heard horror stories of conveyor jam ups and huge packages crashing into small). Then days later, your art shipment nears the end of a long ride, transferred from truck to truck, until someone in a hurry makes the end delivery, not knowing the contents of your package– and are you certain that your art won’t be left on a doorstep in the blazing sun or in the pouring rain?

You probably know about the Uber app, for catching a ride in a private car at a lower rate than you’d pay for a taxi.

Well, just as Uber came up with a cheaper ride system, as well as providing car owners a way to make money using their private cars–Uber very recently set up UberRUSH delivery service in New York City.

Is UberRUSH a cheaper delivery service than UPS or FedEx or a local courier service?

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.10.29 PM

Right away I thought about artists using UberRUSH to save on local art shipping fees. Plus the service personalizes the delivery –from your hand, directly into the hands of the person who delivers it to the end recipient. Eliminating the processing steps–those greasy conveyor belts, and the loading /unloading / loading again onto truck after truck.

A lot of questions come up, as far as size of packages and delivery distance. Will this service be available in other cities around the world?

I suppose in the future, it’s possible that someone near you, who is about to take a long distance car trip, may decide to make some money by offering their delivery services via UberRUSH. Also, there may be those at work making UberRUSH deliveries on a daily basis computing city to city, that you can establish a working relationship with–for peace of mind and consistency of delivery.

Plus you can track your package in the UberRUSH app.

UberRUSH is very new, so I’m hoping to find out more in the future as the service expands and develops.



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