Chairish Shipping Options + White Glove Service for Artists

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I had a chat with Whitney at Chairish, who invited me to sell my art in their online home decor store. Chairish only takes 20% commission on sales of art. There are no listing fees.

Whitney said, “you’re welcome to list as much as you’d like with us.” She also reviewed my site and said–“I particularly love your fluorescent series and your spot series,” suggesting that I add about 10-15 pieces to start. So people who are interested in my work can see my range. She also said that it’s a good idea to add pieces in a range of prices—”just so some are approachable to first time buyers of your work.”

All great advice! But what impressed me most were the shipping options for artists selling on Chairish. Whitney explained 2 options to choose from–with the 2nd including “white glove service”:

Option one, is for you to take care of shipping completely on your own once an item sells. This option makes your piece show up on the Chairish site to the customer as “Shipping for Free,” which encourages sales and helps them pull the trigger. So you would just need to work in the cost of shipping when you set your asking price.

Option two, is for Cherish to handle shipping for you. If you don’t choose the “Ships for Free” option, you will just get an email from with a pre-paid UPS shipping label ready to go– then you can just stick it on your package and send out to the customer.

White Glove Service: If you have any really large works (over 50” or so), Chairish also has a white glove service that simply comes to your house, packs the piece and gets it to the customer.

With both the UPS label option and white glove option the customer pays for shipping.

To start selling on Chairish, click the yellow “Sell” button at the top left of the home page. This will take you to your first submission page where you can start uploading your works. Whitney said, “there will be a little link at the top asking if you’re a professional seller, but you can disregard this.”
Artists also have a dedicated Chairish artist page that people can click into and you can customize your artist page too.

After uploading several of my paintings to Chairish, I began to also appreciate the pricing options–for each piece you add (1) your retail price, (2) your asking price, and (3) your reserve price, allowing buyers to make offers.

Whitney said that she thought my art “would do well on Chairish” and I am looking forward to some sales.

If you are looking for more places to sell your art, Artist Marketing Resources offers an e-list available here and here.

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