Guest Post: Tips to Make Your Art More Worthy



Tips to Make Your Art More Worthy by Sunny Popali


There are many ways an artist can make his work of art appealing to the public. Viewers would even pay good money for it. Here are some tips on how artwork can be worth the time, effort and money.


A piece of art should always be signed and consistently done so in succeeding works. The viewers and interested buyers should know that a particular piece of art is made by this artist. In this way, the artist will be recognized in all of his work.

Put a title

A title is important in an art piece. It gives the viewers something to talk about instead of just putting an “untitled” name on it. A title gives the viewers an idea that the work is important to the artist and that it conveys a specific message that needs to be deciphered too. A title will also help get an artist’s name out there in the open because people are going to talk about their work.

Putting a date

The date of when the art was accomplished is as important as the signature of the artist. Some people would want earlier works of an artist and so dating the art works are important to recognize that. It also gives people an idea on how the artist has evolved through the years in all his works.

A number series 

This is usually needed when an artist makes multiple copies of his works. Some are limited edition prints, photographs and may also include paintings that the collector may want to know which ones he got. So a number series is important in this regard.

Discuss the art briefly 

An explanation of the work in 2 brief sentences just to give people inkling what the art is all about. It is another way to make them understand and may want to explore more of it once an explanation has been read.

Give context 

Try making changes in the meaning of the artwork to give a false impression of the message it is trying to convey. This will intrigue viewers and might draw more interest in the art piece as it visually communicates with them.


Taking pictures of your works from start to finish and posting those on social media such as Instagram can help in the marketing department in the future. It will also provide a story of how the work came to be and provide some context. It will also show the progress that was made in doing a specific art piece and this will intrigue and interest more viewers.

The art should have a story 

Art is not only about selling and making it big in this industry. It is also about the heart and soul in making art that makes it worth the money. A story behind a masterpiece matters so much because it shows your interests and inspirations in creating them. Without an inspiration, you may appear that you only care to sell your art and not to show the heart and soul and commitment that is tangled up with the work.

Art is not just a means to get by, but it is an effective medium for expression of self through a visual piece. It communicates with the people and may convey a message that is unique to every piece of art. There are Art Shows in San Diego that effectively does the same. The tips above will help any artist in getting the interest of the public and in turn will help in an art’s monetary value. Getting into this industry is tough business, so getting noticed should be a priority to make a name for yourself.




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