New Asian Market Art and Design Project Sales Platform




Welcome to Canvs!

Canvs wants to move to the forefront of Art and Design in India and later the world with their community of artists. Their new site has been live for a few weeks now.
Canvs representatives stated, “As much as India is known to be a hub of Art, Design and Culture, when it comes to making a living in these more exotic skill set, we quite often end up under-appreciating its value. Through our product, and business we shall actively take care to solve this problem.”
Canvs  provides you a very versatile portfolio, a way to sell your work, and a means for buyers to get in touch with you, so you can take up projects, jobs, commissions and design assignments . Canvs is created to bridge the gap between the demand and supply sides of the graphic art market (in India), and for artists to create a passive stream of revenue flowing in.
This is a brainchild of a few folks from IITs and a few from NID. This is not about selling artwork on T-shirts– this is more. We hope you help us grow at a pace seen never before in any community.
Have a look: 🙂
Find more art sales sites in the Artist Marketing Resources 2 web stores of #artistresources :



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