Intersection of Art and Literature

There are many small press publishers who work jointly with visual artists and creative writers. Here are a few;

Siglio Press in Los Angeles, California,  is an independent press dedicated to publishing uncommon books that “live at the intersection of art & literature.”

Several years ago, I had some of my work published by Ugly Duckling Presse, as part of a group project. Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher in Brooklyn, New York, focusing on new poetry, translation, lost works, and books by artists.

YYZ Books is a small press dedicated to critical writing on Canadian art and culture. They publishes four titles per year, with the objective of engaging artists,critics, writers and curators intimately in the publishing process to help them bring their ideas and works to the public.


Art magazines, art blogs, art directories and other art publication resources for artists  available here & here.

More Artist Marketing Resources in our 2 web stores of #artistresources :



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