What are the 3 Best Social Media Sites to Sell Your Art?

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.09.13 PM

In the article Buying the Bricks for Your Online Storefront, New York Times Bits and CultureSpectator.com, Harvey Finkelstein, chief product officer at Shopify, said that “small, do-it-yourself businesses have flourished online as social media platforms have exploded in popularity. While web shoppers may rely on behemoths like Amazon and FreshDirect for household staples and groceries”, but when they want a “pair of sneakers or cool T-shirt, they want to buy it from a smaller source, or someone who made it.”

He identified three social media platforms that direct buyers to smaller sites, such as directly to artists websites. “Often, the ideas come from social media outlets like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, which have made it much easier for people to find images of products they like or want to share with their friends.”

So artists should share their art images and links on Pinterest and Instagram, and also Tweet them. Follow ArtWorld’s new Twitter account featuring the art of emerging artists. The @ArtWorld_Art twitter account is less than one week only and is heading toward 300 followers. Follow @ArtWorld_Art here and tweet your art. ArtWorld re-tweets artist’s work daily. The Artist Marketing Resources Twitter account @TransArtGuide has over 12,600 followers and we also retweet artist’s work from the @ArtWorld_Art account.

Follow ArtWorld’s sister Twitter account @PortraitsAfrica here for tweets of African art and portrait art. As sister account, many art tweets on @ArtWorld_Art are retweeted from @PortraitsAfrica.


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