Social Reach for Artists: the Benefits of Sharing Your Art Across Multiple Sites and Platforms


Thinking way back to 2008, when artists were advised to select one arts sales platform for their art plus set up a Facebook business page. Common wisdom of the time considered that enough to create an online presence, yet, how many artists never had an online sale? (And who were the ones advising artists to stay limited? Successful artists sharing their experiences and wisdom with other artists? Or the owners of art sales platforms wanting to get artists to join exclusively and stay?)

The reality was, that once artists set up their sales sites they quickly realized that they needed to do something to get art buyers and art professionals to come take a look. How could they get them there? Artists had to reach out and connect!

This connection with others online is usually referred to as social reach. That is, the total number of people you are able to reach across all platforms you are active on.

We all have our favorite online platforms. We’re not asking anyone to leave any one in favor of another, or to limit your social reach for any reason. Quite the opposite. Instead, we are suggesting that you expand your online presence across multiple sites. And we have some suggestions, as well as a list of some of the benefits of expanding your social reach.

A really simple way for any artist to increase their online reach and presence is with free account listings. Such a listing on the Flootie site allows you to add your website link and help you get found by those not already in your network. Adding your details to a free Flootie accounts only takes a few minutes.  Once set up, your listing acts as placeholder in your genre, increases your name recognition (aka brand recognition), while sending new buyers to your art sales site.

This free listing opportunity is open to artists throughout the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. In your description of your work in your listing, be sure to include searchable keywords. Once your listing is public, right away your work is accessible to a new market of potential buyers and others who are likely to visit your website–such as arts journalists looking for artists to write about, art curators researching artists for exhibitions, and interior designers and art consultants looking for art for their client’s spaces.

Get a free Flootie account by clicking on *Artist* at upper left on the Flootie site here.

Here is our list of some of the benefits of sharing your art across multiple platforms:

1. increase your visibility and reach

2. increase your name recognition or brand recognition

3. find new fans and followers

3. increase opportunities to convert followers / viewers into buyers

4. get found by different markets and audiences

5. boost traffic to your site

6. visibility in multiple time zones

7. reframe the presentation of your artwork presentation and create another online backup of your images

Once you have your free Flootie account, you can expand your portfolio at any time by upgrading– use code AMR100  to  get 90 days free

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