Get Your Art in Database for Collectors to Find and Buy

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Kollecto hunts the internet for art for art collectors, based on each collector’s unique taste and budget, to find the art they want to buy.  Kollecto experts in woodblock prints, photography, Urban art, abstract art and emerging artists are available to answer questions and advise new collectors on buying art.

If you are an artist, you can submit your art. Kollecto works with artists to find the right collectors to buy their work.
When your art is approved to be in the Kollecto database, they’ll send it to clients who will appreciate your art.
To get your art reviewed by curators, complete the simple form here with your name and website link.
Sites like these are a revelation to most artists, and yet we have e-lists that contains hundreds of such collector site, and even many thousands for selling your art. Find them in our Selz store here (accepts credit cards) and for PayPal orders visit our Web store here.
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