Online Gallery Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments, a self-proclaimed “Artist Marketing Toolbox,” has begun accepting Bitcoin for subscriber Registration Fees.

To coin an old phrase “In today’s world you lead, follow or get out of the way” says site owner and founder of’s Dean Cameron.

“Our goal is to create options and tools for Artists and Art Galleries to successfully market their artwork,” says Cameron. Bitcoin is yet another tool in that toolbox. Artists are starting to really adopt Bitcoin as it gives them another way to sell their artwork.

More mainstream companies are beginning to accept Bitcoin as well, “so artists can use it to buy art supplies, personal items and now even their art marketing platform,” says Cameron.

Flootie has created a separate registration sign up-page for Bitcoin users that allows for an annual membership to be purchased in one of three levels available. These prices offer a discount from the standard credit card monthly option, due to the annual nature of a Bitcoin subscription. continues to add new features and options for our current as well as future subscribers. ” We are thrilled to bring the Bitcoin option to our platform,” say Cameron.


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