Artists, Help Me Win Some Sweet Swag Via IndieWalls

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Dear Artists,

As you may know, I’m part of the Indiewalls artist community. Indiewalls is a platform that attracts private buyers and interior designers who post opportunities on their site daily. Artists can then pitch their work directly to projects that resonate with their style. Apply through this link to discover a unique list of projects in need of great art:

I think you and your work would be a great fit for their community.

Sweeten Up September runs through the end of the month. IndieWalls invited me to share and if artists sign up via my link above, they will shower me with gifts for helping them grow the Indiewalls community.



  1. Anyone can apply, but only artists accepted into the community are counted.
  2. Awards will be given out to the first to 20 reach ‘5 Accepted Artists’ and the first 10 to reach ’10 Accepted Artists.’
  3. Artists are not allowed to apply again under a second name or email
  4. Prizes will be awarded during the first two weeks in October

4 thoughts on “Artists, Help Me Win Some Sweet Swag Via IndieWalls

  1. schollaert says:

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks for your invitation to apply. Unfortunately, I already aplied before and was rejected at that time. I cannot apply a second time apparently.

    Kind regards, Linda


  2. douglasgervasi says:

    Marie, I already joined… sorry…


    Contemporary Arts

    Santa Barbara, CA 93117

    805.968.2880 Hm

    805.705.9874 C

    Collect Metrov Fine Art Prints

    Starting as low as $35! ZFTAFM

    for 30% Discount on open edition prints


    Feeling stressed? Smile. Inhale 1-2-3. Keep smiling. Exhale 1-2-3-4-5!


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