Virtual Tour of Exhibition Space With Call to Submit

Screenshot 2015-09-13 at 5.25.39 AM

NordArt is the largest international art exhibition in northern Europe. NordArt, in Germany, offers artists their massive exhibition space each year and a chance to be in an art show from early June until October.  They are a non-profit organisation and does not charge any commission on sales of art in the exhibition.

There are no registration fees. Apply online.  Applications are being accepted for 2016 here.

Take a virtual tour of each exhibition from 2015 back to 2009 here.

Plus all participating artists are listed on their website here.

The expense will be in getting your work there, once accepted, and Nord Art can even help organize shared transportation.

“Transport costs are covered by the artist. We will be happy to help to organise shared transport arrangements. All of the delivered works will be insured subject to the general insurance conditions from the time of delivery to the time of collection. Installation of art works is made by the team of NordArt (Exceptional cases installation by artist). The exhibited works remain at NordArt until the end of the exhibition.”

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