Artists Find and Connect With Contemporary Art Consultants

For the past several year, Artist Marketing Resources has been researching and communicating with Art Consultants internationally. We share our contact list with artists, non-profits, and other art consultants in our e-list here. We’re continually updating and expanding our list of Art Consultants around the world.

One of the newest additions to our e-list will interest artists–L & L Art Advisory LLC, specializing in contemporary European, Asian and American art, and based in London and New York City–especially because they are easy to connect with online.

You can Like the L & L Art Advisory Facebook page here, and view images of the art they like on The Art Stack and Instagram where you can follow the L & L Director director and share images of your own work.

L&L ARTS provides independent curatorial and art advisory services to private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide.

Find hundreds more art consultants on our Directory of Art Consultants in any of our online stores here and here and in our new Shopify store.

Screenshot 2015-09-19 at 3.47.58 PM

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