Rxhibition Accepting Submissions of Audio and Visual Art for Hospitals and Auction


Rxhibition welcomes submissions of original art from independent artists and are currently accepting two-dimensional visual works as well as audio compositions.

If you would like to become of part of the Rxhibition community by submitting your own work, please complete the artist submission form here.

Rxhibition does not purchase artwork or accept artwork on loan. By submitting your work, you understand that you are donating to Rxhibition’s upcoming exhibition, which will consist of two exhibitions: one in the chemotherapy treatment areas of the current host hospital, and a second public exhibition that will serve as a public ‘sneak peek’ into the treatment area exhibition.

Rxhibition curates donated works as it sees fit. Works chosen for display in the treatment area exhibition will be displayed in the hospital and may be donated to the host hospital for permanent display. The artist’s name will always be displayed with the work. Works chosen for display in the public exhibition will be made available for auction. If your work is chosen for the public exhibition, you will be notified that it will be included in the auction. Artists whose work is included in the auction will have the option to receive a cut of 40-50% of the sale price. Artists will also have the option to waive this cut as a donation to Rxhibition programming.

Rolling acceptances until first round submission deadline: November 15, 2015.

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